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Since Ireland has now switched its currency over to the Euro, Irish coins have become more special than ever! Each one of these real coins of Ireland is first layered in pure Bright Silver. Then the figures of each are highlighted and brought to life with rich pure 24K Gold. This breathtaking and exclusive gold work is done by hand and turns these coins into stunning and true works of art.

Each coin is hermetically sealed against wear in a clear, hard acrylic coating. Some of the pieces come in several different coin designs including the Irish Penny "Harp" (Half dollar size), Irish penny "Harp" (dime size), Irish penny "Pig & piglets" (quarter size), Irish penny "Chicken with chicks" (half dollar size), the Irish 20 pence "Horse" (a little bigger than a S. B. Anthony dollar), and the Irish florin "Salmon" (a little smaller than a half dollar).

The Harp is the favorite of most, but perhaps a Salmon coin piece for your favorite fisherman or a Horse coin piece for your favorite rider! What is certain is that your favorite Irish Lad and Lassie will cherish these special Irish coin items!

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Irish Harp Coin Cutout Necklace

Irish Harp Coin Bezel Necklace

Irish Pig Coin Necklace

Irish Harp Coin Earrings

Irish Harp Cutout Necklace
Irish Harp Bezel Necklace
Irish Pig Coin Necklace
Irish Harp Earrings
Irish Harp Coin Money Clip

Irish Coin Belt Buckle

Irish Coin Tie Tack

Irish Coin Cufflinks

Irish Coin Money Clip
Irish Coin Belt Buckle
Irish Coin Tie Tack
Irish Coin Cufflinks

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