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Irish wedding bands Dia Dhuit! Welcome to A Bit O Blarney.com the online home of all things pertaining to Ireland and the Irish.

"We Deliver Irish smiles, minus the Irish miles, and that's no blarney!" You can't always board the next flight to Ireland, so we bring the best of Ireland to you. Not only are we a retailer of Irish Wedding Gifts and Irish Wedding Jewelry, serving you online since 1999, but we also provide alot (alot) of general Ireland information.

Please read more about how this site came about in 1999.

The areas of interest include: Ireland travel information , Irish genealogy research information , Irish baby names database resource, Irish jokes, Irish blessings and sayings, and Irish weddings information and Irish Wedding Jewelry to purchase.

I have hundreds of pages of information to read and enjoy. I also boast an outrageously huge selection of Irish Wedding Rings and Celtic Wedding Bands online. I celebrated my own Irish wedding in Ireland many years ago and I enjoy helping others to both plan their own Irish themed Wedding and to buy special Irish Wedding jewelry. Have a great time looking around the site!

Do you know the meaning of the word "Blarney"? Well, it endows people with the "gift of gab" or eloquence in speech.

The origins of the word blarney is said to have come from the time of Cormac McDermot MacCarthy, Chief of Muskerry and possessor of Blarney Castle, Co. Cork, Ireland in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. It seems that Cormac used his silver-tongued excuses to placate the Queen and her advancing army while still keeping his Gaelic loyalties.

The Queen eventually grew tired of her smooth-talking subject and declared: "This is all Blarney, he never means what he says, he never does what he promises!!"

Today, hundreds of thousands of people flock to kiss the Blarney Stone annually to celebrate their love of Blarney and the gift of eloquence it provides.

So, if you are in search of Blarney, you will certainly find it here!

Well, go grab a cup of tea, (or a guinness if that is your preference), sit back, and enjoy browsing our site. By the way...... That reminds me of a saying,

"Whisky was invented so the Irish wouldn't rule the world."

And that reminds me of another saying...

"If wars were fought with words Ireland WOULD BE ruling the world!"

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order Irish breakfasts online

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